Functional Medicine

Find true healing from the inside out. 

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine utilizes cutting-edge technology, comprehensive testing, and a thorough understanding of the body to identify the root cause of your issue(s). We don’t just treat the symptoms. We heal the source.

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Getting Connected

Before any treatment, we get to know you thoroughly. Nothing is off limits and we believe every detail plays into your health story. Below are just a few of the things we consider in understanding your story:

  • Your health history (past issues, health as a child, etc.)
  • Genetics & family health history
  • Current lifestyle (toxin exposure, movement, nutrition)
  • Current and future health goals

Getting Data

We use cutting-edge technology and specialty lab testing to help determine both the source of issues and the path for treatment. Some of the testing we employ includes:

  • Full vitamin, nutrient and hormonal evaluation
  • Microbiome testing
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Cortisol testing
  • Heavy metals testing
  • Toxin testing (Glyphosate, Mycotoxins, Pollutants)
  • And much more

Getting Your Plan

Once we have a complete picture of your past health, current issues and testing results, we craft a treatment plan specific to you.

  • Nutrition Plan for healing
  • Personalized supplement and mineral plan
  • Supporting services plan including IVs, Chiropractic, Massage, Therapy, etc.
  • Strategy for safe decrease or elimination of prescription medicine
  • Identified markers for improvement

Getting Results

Care with us is a partnership. We don’t stop fine-tuning your plan until you’ve reached the results you want.  Some ways we work to get you results:

  • Health markers identified for tracking progress
  • Continual assessment of progress
  • Strategy changes as necessary
  • Continued support and guidance

We stay with you through all the seasons of your life.

The Root Cause

Functional medicine seeks to uncover the root cause of your issues, stemming from your diet, lifestyle, genetics, beliefs, and more. Your headache isn’t a Tylenol deficiency, and your allergies aren’t a Zyrtec deficiency. 

Whether your root cause is unexpected or clear-cut, we approach your health with a comprehensive eye.

Systems-based Approach

Our bodies should work in harmony – spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and physiologically. Too often, treatment doesn’t take all of you into account. At 5 Journeys, our entire philosophy is built on treating the whole you with our 5 core aspects of health.

Learn more about the “Five Journeys” of health.

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