Our Approach

Experience renewed vitality in every area of your life with our comprehensive approach.

The Five Journeys to Optimal Health

Want to live a vibrant, happy, and lively life, with vitality and great health? Get there with our unique approach based upon the Five Core “Journeys” of Life.

Step 1

Getting Connected

Finally, a doctor who will listen. Before your treatment plan is developed, we sit down for an in-depth conversation. We listen to your health story, including your health history, genetics, lifestyle, and future goals.

Step 2

Getting Data

You don’t just get a listening ear. You get health backed by science. We use cutting-edge technology and specialty lab testing, starting with a comprehensive vitamin, mineral, and hormone evaluation. But we don’t stop there. Your microbiome, toxins, and food sensitivities are also fair game!

Step 3

Getting Your Plan

You get a plan that is unique to you! Your treatment plan is based upon a complete picture of your health, concerns, and testing results. This combined knowledge allows us to craft a personalized treatment plan that will heal your body and optimize your life.

Step 4

Getting Results

Welcome to your best life. Care with us is a partnership, and we keep working with you to help you heal, grow and thrive. You’ll finally experience life the way it was meant to be – vital and vibrant. We’re here to stay through all seasons of your life.

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