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This is where you can connect with the Five Journeys Care Team through a convenient, safe, and secure environment. We have a few ways you can stay connected to us, here is how:

Your Medical Records

Athena gives you access to everything that you and your providers discuss during your appointment. This is a place for you to access your health records on your chart.

  • Securely Message the 5J Care Team
  • Access your Medical Records
  • View lab results
  • View visit notes

Shop Your Supplements

Need to reorder your supplements? Want to set up auto-ship? Want to discover new products? This is the place where you can do that!

  • Refill your supplements
  • Set up auto-ship
  • Discover new products

Referrals From & To 5J

Referrals From Five Journeys 

  • Fill out our form here to obtain a referral

Referrals To Five Journeys

  • How to request a referral from your PCP to see our medical providers


To reach our billing department, please call (617) 927-9110

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