Primary Care

Peace of mind. Prevention at your fingertips.

Functional Primary Care in Boston

Want care for yourself or your family that involves more than just antibiotics and pills?

We’ve got you covered. Our Primary Care model is designed to improve your health and vitality decade over decade. We provide a unique approach to preventive care and seasonal support to fight such things as the flu, colds, and allergies.

With any of our membership levels, you can choose to utilize our primary care for you or your family.

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Functional Medicine Approach

As with all of our services, our primary care model is based upon a functional approach to medicine and health. We partner with you to develop a strong foundation of health through your daily habits, nutrition, detoxification, and more.

Primary Care Services

Our Primary Care benefits those who are looking for:

  • A partner with a natural and holistic approach
  • A doctor available for questions or concerns for any health issues
  • Encouragement & support for preventive health
  • Care to help manage common seasonal sickness naturally

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