Edward Levitan, MD

As a double board-certified physician, I don’t just focus on the physical symptoms of my patients. I believe that their overall well-being is a result of the harmony between their body, mind, and spirit.

My extensive training in both traditional Western medicine and Eastern practices like acupuncture and Shiatsu allows me to approach healthcare from a holistic perspective.

Each patient is a unique puzzle, and I find joy in uncovering the pieces of their story to help them achieve optimal health. My passion for self-growth extends beyond my medical practice.

I have a long-standing commitment to personal development through practices like meditation and martial arts, and I live with my family in a self-sustaining ecosystem that nurtures our connection to the earth and each other. As a father of four, I am constantly amazed by the compassion and spirit of my children, who embody the principles I strive to live and teach every day.

Board Certification: Family Medicine, American Board of Integrative Medicine Residency: Brown University Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine Serving As: Board member for “Pointing Out the Great Way”

Fun Facts

If you were not a doctor, what would you do?

I would be a Shaman, a farmer, or in some way dedicate my work to preserving the land.

What was the craziest thing you did in medical school?

I spent a month with the Arizona White River Apaches and traveled throughout the 4-point region visiting the indigenous tribes, including the Hopi and Navajo peoples.