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Premier Functional medicine and wellness company.
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About Five Journeys

We believe that health and vitality is possible at any age. Our passion is to help you find it.


To inspire you to create your best life.


To empower you to live a vibrant and healthy life.


From sex to brain function, you can achieve extraordinary results at any age!

Where It All Started

Our story began in 2000 when we met (for the second time) at a personal development workshop. Ed was in medical school, Wendie was completing medical school, and was on her way to New York for her OB/GYN residency.

In 2008, after completing our respective medical schools and residencies, we started Visions HealthCare, which became the largest functional medicine practice in the country. During our 8 year tenure, we had the privilege of serving over 20,000 patients.

A New Journey

In 2016, we opened Five Journeys, a membership-based wellness organization that incorporates functional medicine and our unique approach to what we consider to be the five core aspects of health (Physical, Chemical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual) to create a comprehensive plan for vitality and wellness. Each person’s journey is unique. We uncover the root cause of problems, issues, and illnesses, and then help our members solve them. We have facilitated the reversal, prevention and resolution of many chronic health challenges.

Every day, we witness the incredible results this work creates for our members. And it’s our sincere privilege, every day.

Our Team

Wendie Trubow


Edward Levitan,


Marianela Lavena


Stacie Delucia,


Beth Galan


Carolyn Gillespie


Isabel Milosevich