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Can You Relate?

No Answers

You've seen numerous specialists, but no one can find the problem.

Pills & More Pills

Your cabinet is full of half-used prescription drugs that you refuse to believe is your only option

Poked & Prodded

You've had tests, scans and MRIs that always come up empty-handed.

Labeled Crazy

You know your doctor has started to think you may be crazy and that the issues are all in your head.

Hours of Research

You’ve scoured the internet for hours looking for answers, but it’s hard to know what to trust

Breathe. You've Found It.

Let us give you your first welcome to your last search. When you work with Dr. Trubow and Dr. Levitan, you’ll find a true partner and a trusted medical professional in your health journey. 

Get to the root cause

As a functional medicine doctor, we don’t just manage symptoms. We address the root cause. 

Our science-based approach, using cutting-edge technology and research provides you peace of mind and solid results. We combine the science of the body, complex testing, and a comprehensive understanding of how the entire body works together to transform your health. 

Stop searching for an answer on your own. Let us help you rediscover true health and vitality.

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