Optimal Wellness

Starting to think your health is about more than just medicine?

Your Body is Unique.
Your Treatment Should Be as Well.

Partner with a functional medicine doctor to find true health and wellness that lasts a lifetime.

Why just survive, when you can thrive?

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The Chicken or the Egg

Is the stress weakening your immune system, or is your poor immunity affecting your ability to handle the stress?…YES!

 Our bodies should work in harmony – spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and physiologically. Too often, medical professionals treat illness in a vacuum. At 5 Journeys, our entire philosophy is built to eliminate those vacuums, with our 5 core aspects of health.



State-of-the-art testing to evaluate your mineral, nutrient, and hormone levels, as well as to detect allergies and sensitivities.


Your relationships (both with yourself and others) can improve or detract from your health. We help you create relationships that work for you.


Where do you fit in the fabric of your community? We help you process the powerful feelings of belonging and isolation.


How do you participate in the world? Your purpose in life is critical and can make the difference between feeling fulfilled and adopting unhealthy behaviors.


Your bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons are all perfectly constructed to allow for the best performance possible. Our commitment is to ensure that your structure is functioning optimally.

How Can A Functional Medicine Doctor Help?

Be Inspired – we help you uncover your “why” for health and inspire the belief for what’s possible.

Get Educated – we teach you the reasons behind your issues, so you can make your own good decisions.

Be Empowered – we provide tools, resources and a comprehensive plan that will make health a reality.

Find a Partner – we don’t give up until you’ve reached your goals. We’re in it for the long-haul to bring you back to a place of health and vitality!

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Our Passion is Your Vitality

We work with you until you find true health and wellness, and then we celebrate with you while you live it. Our functional medicine doctors pull from a vast supply of proven methods and knowledge to create your plan for true vitality. 

No energy, low libido, seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, achy joints, bloating, and more. You don’t have to live that way!

Those negative thoughts and emotions that control you? Stop living with the weight of your own mind. We can help!

Do you feel like a lack of energy and motivation is simply a by-product of aging? It’s not true! Get that bounce back in your step. 

Define your purpose, live each day in gratitude, eliminate pain, heal chronic disease, and simply start living again. 

We treat for chronic illness and preventive care. Book a consultation to find out what fits your health needs best.

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