Sugar Detox - FREE Virtual Program

Kick Sugar to the Curb!

Think you could never give up sugar? Think again!

Re-train your tastebuds with our 7-Day Sugar Detox Program.

What's the deal?

You’re here for a reason. What is it? 

Energy Crashes

Sugar Cravings


Brain Fog & Headaches

Stress & Anxiety

Achy Joints

Whether it’s one or all of these issues, let’s address them together!

But Why?

Why do a 7-Day Sugar Detox? Because we’re pretty sure you have no idea how good you could actually feel!

Seven days…just seven days!..and you can reset your health, reset your mindset, gain power over your cravings, and find a strong and supportive community working towards the same goals. 

Sugar causes major inflammation in the body. Inflammation affects every single operating system in our body. From brain function to joint pain, from immunity to digestion, inflammation can make your life miserable. Let’s make life vibrant again!

What's in it for you?

Our 7-day sugar detox program will have you walking away with diminished sugar cravings, decreased inflammation, and a new perspective for your mind (and your tastebuds!). Here’s what you get in the 7-Day Sugar Detox Virtual Program:

  • MD guided, Nutrition led
  • Clear instructions for each step of the program
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Recipe guide
  • Meal planning calendar
  • Shopping list

Wondering why you haven’t started yet? We are too!

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