"From sex to brain function, your vitality can improve decade over decade"

-Wendie Trubow, MD

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Engaging Speaker • Senior authority on functional medicine and wellness  

Presenter on the national stage • Passionate advocate for health and vitality

Meet Dr. Wendie Trubow

As a physician, author, mentor, parent and functional medicine authority, Dr. Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, speaks throughout the nation on topics relating to health, wellness, and true vitality. Never afraid to say it like it is, Dr. Trubow delivers her depth of knowledge in a relatable manner that has her audience laughing, crying, and ultimately…finding inspiration. 

As Dr. Trubow says, “There are so many different challenges in a woman’s life – work, home, relationships, spirituality, health – and they all matter! But whether you’re 19 or 99, you are meant to be vibrant, healthy, and alive.”

Her speaker keynotes are based on her own journey with functional medicine. For years, she struggled with a variety of health issues, including mold and metal toxicity as well as Celiac disease. When conventional methods failed, Dr. Trubow found her own answers through life-giving functional medicine practices. 

It is because of her challenging but rewarding journey to wellness that she has become such a champion of functional medicine and a fierce advocate for the health of her patients and all those her story touches.

Audiences feel that Dr. Trubow knows what they’re going through. Because she does! 

No matter your current state of health, Dr. Wendie Trubow is sure to inspire you and your audience to create your best life now. 


Why wait? You’re not getting any younger, but you could be getting healthier!

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Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl is an entertaining and educational read full of humor, wit, and knowledge. Each chapter is based upon Dr. Wendie and Dr. Ed’s years of practicing functional medicine.

Dr. Wendie brings this same humor and knowledge to her role as a health speaker. 

Her stories are based on her own battle with toxins and the subsequent problems they caused. From recognition to removal, you’ll find practical tips and a clear roadmap to feel amazing again.  

Many of Wendie’s speaking presentations are based on Dirty Girl. Why? Because she’s lived it and is living a toxin-free life herself! 


From sex to brain function, your vitality can improve decade over decade. Dr. Wendie Trubow helps get you there.

Presentation Topics

Environmental Toxins

Based off the book, Dirty Girl
Toxins are everywhere and they are making us sick. Wendie is expert at educating, inspiring and empowering us to identify and begin cleaning up all the various exposures that occur each day.

Chronic Illness

We expect to fail as we age, but what if that's not true? In these talks, Wendie explores the root causes of chronic illness that would allow us to transform our future. From Sex to Brain Function, expect more.

Everyday Life

We're all moving so fast, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Wendie is masterful at guiding and coaching women to their next level of contribution and empowerment.

Food & Mood

Based off the book, Dirty Girl
You are what you eat. Wendie shows the clear relationships between food, mood and other illnesses and provides clear actions to begin transforming our relationship to food. It's time to eat like your life depends on it!
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